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Power Dynamics


The pieces from the Gaslighting/Power Dynamics collection are all made from glass in order to showcase elements of vulnerability by utilizing fragile modes of protection. Each component comes with a risk of hurting oneself when longing for self-preservation.

Corset & Helmet & Leg Armour

The corset, helmet, and leg guard are a collection of pieces utilized in this series to establish the need for protection of the body. However, its fragility is depicted through the use of glass. There is an element of vulnerability that everyone else is able to see through these shields of armor, but if the glass is broken, there is a ricochet-effect. The broken glass won’t just harm the person wearing it, but it will also inflict pain upon whoever causes the damage.



The shoe piece signifies the desire for grounding and stability with the lack of sole implying that whoever wears it will have their bare feet touch the floor. Without the foundation of the shoe, there is a lack of protection within your body, but also along the path you are headed towards.



A purse is where women typically hold their belongings as a mobile form of security. There is limited room for what you can carry and so the contents inside are typically intentional. The need to hold on to your belongings, keeping them within reach at all times can also suggest a lack of security and feeling unsafe in your home, always prepared to leave.


Double-ended Dagger

A double-edged dagger has both favourable and unfavourable consequences. With this piece, glass was used in order to provoke a feeling of being exposed, fragile, and ready for attack, all at once. If one side breaks, the other remains, depicting the need to be prepared for a double-offence.



In Victorian times, fans were used by upper-class women as both a weapon and a guard to mask their facial expressions. The need to conceal your face with the use of this accessory in this collection, suggests that an individual’s emotional state is beginning to reveal itself in physical form and this is the only way they can remain hidden from the public eye.

Fiberglass, latex, acrylic paint, stained glass, tin, lead, metal chains

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