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        The #MeToo movement made visible many of the hidden truths that had been more invisible and brushed into the sidelines. There is such a prevalence of a kind of casual misogyny within our society that is sourced in images everywhere. Its hard to not come by misogynistic images of women. It also brought to light much of what had been happening behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Having women come forward to speak, including Rose McGowan, speaking of what she had gone through with Harvey Weinstein and being seen as an uncredible source and being slut shamed.  There is a sense that you become accustomed to and used to it, to the point this behaviour goes by unnoticed. Media since its preconception has been rooted with women often headlining the jokes at the expense of women. I am interested in creating and exploring juxtapositions and polarities and how they coexist with a world that is said to “empower”.

        By definition, gaslighting is an act “to get another to see her own plausible perceptions, beliefs or memories as groundless”.  By aiming to undermine victims and their testimonies, it is a systemic denial of endured harms. The term first derived from the Patrick Hamilton play, Gaslight. 

Fiberglass, latex, acrylic paint, stained glass, tin, lead, metal chains

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